Finish the New Apps Icons on the Main Screen of the Oreo

The Play Store is the center of Android and where users go in search of the applications they need and want to use. Google gives them some support, notably in accessing these new applications.

This support is, according to many, intrusive and unnecessary. So today we will explain how to disable the creation of new apps icons on the main screen of the Android Oreo.

Play Store Android Oreo

This feature has been on Android for many years. Whenever a new app is installed, a new icon is added to the Android’s main screen, thus allowing direct access to it without having to access the list of applications.

Of course not all users want this behavior and therefore Google gives them the possibility to turn off this function. The way to make this configuration changed with the arrival of the Android Oreo and now it is simpler.

Turn off the creation of new icons on the main screen of the Android Oreo

In previous versions of Android, this functionality was controlled within the Play Store, in a specific configuration zone, but with the Android Oreo this is different, having passed to the configuration of the screen itself.

To access this area, you can do it in two ways. The first is with the continuous load on the screen until the access zone appears and the second is with the pinch (2 fingers from the extremes to the center) on the screen, which will reveal the desired zone.

Android Oreo

The next step is the choice of the settings option, which will give you access to the control of all the features on the main screen.

The option you are looking for and want to change is to add icon to the main screen. This will be active and must be turned off.

Android Oreo

Immediately, the option is assumed and the icons of new apps will not be placed on the right screen, keeping the screen cleaner.

It is also important to remember that the previous apps will keep their icons on the screen until the user permanently eliminates them.

Use even better the Play Store on your Android

Want to pay with the fingerprint on the Play Store of Android?

The introduction of biometric authentication systems brought to mobile operating systems a higher degree of security and at the same time a simplification of their use.

Google already has this option on Android and extended it to its app store. See how you can now authorize the purchase of an application with a simple finger touch.

The latest version of Android has brought a range of new options associated with fingerprint authentication. There are still not many devices that can make use of this functionality in all its capacity, but the latest Nexus are ready.

There are several possibilities and one of them is the payment authorization with the simple touch on the biometric sensor. Do you already have this feature active? If you don’t have it, see how you can get it.
How to authorize purchases with the fingerprint reader

Since this is an option associated with the Play Store, we have to access this application so that we can make a small change in the settings.

In the Search box, click on the three horizontal lines and scroll down to the settings.

You must then go back down the list of options and find the one that indicates authentication by fingerprint. Put this option on.

You will immediately be shown a box where you must place the password associated with your Google account, which will be forwarded to used whenever you place your finger on the sensor to authorize a purchase.

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