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Roblox, Comes the Social Network for Video Game Development

Social networks are used to put people in contact, to promote an activity or a brand, promoting and more. Well, from today, thanks to Roblox, social can also serve to create videogames and virtual worlds. An idea, that of Roblox, which dates back to 2004 but that in recent months is coming back into vogue.

Roblox: What it is and how to access it

In a nutshell Roblox is a video game publisher. A platform where users can create and develop games, as well as using those created by other members of the Robloxiana community. But how to access this platform? Nothing simpler: Just create a personal account on the official site to have free access to games created by other authors.

To create your own procedure is just as simple: simply have a PC, access the site, as mentioned above, and start using Roblox Studio, the editor tool that allows you to create our creations. Obviously to achieve good quality levels is not enough improvisation but it will be necessary to have solid foundations of programming and three-dimensional modeling.

The risk, if not, is to create video games of poor quality and not very interesting for other members. And this is one of the problems of Roblox, that most of the realizations made on the platform has nothing to do with the videogames on the market. Too much still the difference to be able to start competing.

Despite the whole community is very large and participatory: chats in which users exchange information of various kinds are widely used and to date the subscribers are almost 30 million.

Monetize through Roblox

It will seem strange to say but it is so: Roblox offers its users the opportunity to monetize through their own creations. How is that possible? Simple, users can vote on the games loaded on the platform through the equipment in Robux, the internal currency. These “coins”, if we want to call them, can then be converted into money and allow developers more able to round up.

A social in all respects Roblox: There is a community, there are interactions between users and there is even the possibility of earning something. There’s nothing left but to prove it.

Restaurant Tycoon Hack Unlimited Money & Diamonds

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About Restaurant Tycoon Game

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