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January 2018

Roblox, Comes the Social Network for Video Game Development

Social networks are used to put people in contact, to promote an activity or a brand, promoting and more. Well, from today, thanks to Roblox, social can also serve to create videogames and virtual worlds. An idea, that of Roblox, which dates back to 2004 but that in recent months is coming back into vogue.

Roblox: What it is and how to access it

In a nutshell Roblox is a video game publisher. A platform where users can create and develop games, as well as using those created by other members of the Robloxiana community. But how to access this platform? Nothing simpler: Just create a personal account on the official site to have free access to games created by other authors.

To create your own procedure is just as simple: simply have a PC, access the site, as mentioned above, and start using Roblox Studio, the editor tool that allows you to create our creations. Obviously to achieve good quality levels is not enough improvisation but it will be necessary to have solid foundations of programming and three-dimensional modeling.

The risk, if not, is to create video games of poor quality and not very interesting for other members. And this is one of the problems of Roblox, that most of the realizations made on the platform has nothing to do with the videogames on the market. Too much still the difference to be able to start competing.

Despite the whole community is very large and participatory: chats in which users exchange information of various kinds are widely used and to date the subscribers are almost 30 million.

Monetize through Roblox

It will seem strange to say but it is so: Roblox offers its users the opportunity to monetize through their own creations. How is that possible? Simple, users can vote on the games loaded on the platform through the equipment in Robux, the internal currency. These “coins”, if we want to call them, can then be converted into money and allow developers more able to round up.

A social in all respects Roblox: There is a community, there are interactions between users and there is even the possibility of earning something. There’s nothing left but to prove it.

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Smartphone Trend 2018: What to expect from the new phones?

Smartphone trend 2018. We are coming to the end of this 2017 so it is more than fair to ask what will be the fashions of telephony in the next year now at the gates. And if this year we have seen interesting improvements on their products made by homes such as Huawei or Samsung via Apple, what should we expect in the near future?
What is reasonable to expect from the trend 2018 Smartphone

Considering the closing of the 2017 the key elements of the trend 2018 Smartphone will be:

Scanning fingerprints under the screen
Desktop mode
Face ID
No headphone jack
Full Screen
Double camera
Double screen

Smartphone Trend 2018: Fingerprint scanning

The first of the trend 2018 smartphones is to scan digiatali fingerprints under the screen. It seems that many manufacturers are working to move the fingerprint scan from behind the smartphone to below the screen. The technology is not yet ready but Vox Populi says that Samsung wants to use this variant on its S9 and S9 +.


As for the augmented reality, we had talked about the Zenofone Ar this summer and to refresh your memory we indicate the link: Zenfone Ar: The smartphone with augmented reality technology Google, but as Rigurda the smartphones of Next year is good that you know that more and more devices will use it and this technology will make our lives more and more comfortable.

Smartphone Trend 2018: AI

And now the time has come to talk about the artificial intelligence by which Huawei Mate 10 performs offline translations and identifies the contents in the photos while the AI the Iphone X unlocks the phone thanks to facial recognition. In 2018 artificial intelligence might be critical to recognizing one phone on the other.

Desktop mode

It has been proposed by Huawei Mate 10 and allows you to view the screen of your mobile phone on your Pc turning it into a larger mobile phone. It seems that the idea was liked and in 2018 you will probably see it in other devices.

Face Id

Facial recognition goes hand-in-hand with artificial intelligence so it goes with if that if more and more devices will use it in 2018, more and more devices will also have the face Id.

No headphone jack

This is interesting, more than artificial intelligence or facial recognition. The trend 2018 smartphone in fact provides that the headphone jack will disappear progressively from new devices to be put on the market.
Full screen

If some mobile phone already offers it, in 2018 will become the norm: the full screen phone Perun best relationship with the visual experience.
Double camera

Another must for the 2018 will be the dual camera that makes the best images and the most vivid colors
Double screen

The last of the trend 2018 smartphones is the double screen that is currently still being tested and that does not guarantee a good performance yet.

And in your opinion, of these trends, which is the best?

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Do You Know What the Most Copied Smartphone’s Were In 2017?

Whenever a new top smartphone reaches the market, many parallel brands present their proposals, almost always integral copies and that even include elements of several of these phones.

Clones, as they are known, are a way of deceiving consumers or, simply, a way for them to have equipment similar to what they would like to have, but at a very small price. Of the many brands and models that were copied in the year 2017, some stood out, not necessarily by the positive.

As with other occasions and even in other contexts, the Antutu decided to create the list of smartphones most copied during the year 2017. This shows the interest of consumers in these equipment, which often leave before the originals are presented.

The data of the Antutu is based on the evaluation of 17,424,726 smartphones during 2017, of which 2.64% were clones, mostly from Chinese brands, which thus achieve an easy profit.

Samsung is at the top of the brands list

Samsung is the most copied brand and it has its cloned equipment. According to the information provided by Antutu, the Samsung accounted 36.23% of the total copies, followed by Apple with 7.72% and Xiaomi with 4.75%.

It is curious to see that the top 5 of the brands have seen their cloned equipment manage to pull more than 50% of this market.

Smartphones more often victims of cloning

In addition to the list of the most copied brands, Antutu also indicated which models of smartphones that had this cloning made. The Galaxy S7 Edge is at the top, both in the European version and in the Chinese and Samsung has many more models on this list. Apple only has its iPhone 7 Plus in fifth position.

Although they focus mainly on the models created for Europe, the Chinese brands that are dedicated to copying and cloning phones end up having their highest percentage of business in their home country.

The use of these phones poses a danger to users at various levels. There is no guarantee of its correct construction or that the industry standards have been followed. The issue of data security also arises, since not all software present can be controlled and evaluated.

The Game Creation Platform Roblox Lands on Android

With a fanbase of more than one million players, Roblox has managed over 30 million monthly users to make up the community of Roblox, an online multiplayer game platform where they can create video games and design virtual worlds. It is available for PC Windows, MacOS, Xbox and Android, so it is a very vast environment. Not for nothing are more than 5 million creators who have designed content of some kind.

Its main merit: the MOBA

It is a gaming community in which there are millions of games of all kinds and where stands the multiplayer online component: Adventures, Arcade, Tycoon, races… there is something for everyone.

Increasing the popularity of this platform has been the massive online battle arena, which allows players to face each other. We must not forget the possibility to personalize the characters and transform them into avatars in the image and likeness of the user.

A community of online games millions of users around the world.

  • User-created game communities: Hundreds of thousands of titles of all kinds.
  • Compatible with various platforms: Mac, Windows, Android smartphones and tablets, IOS and Xbox devices.
  • Tool to draw and develop your own titles.
  • Support for online multiplayer game modes.
  • Customizable avatars.

Game Design and development

Want to know how to develop games for this platform? With the application Roblox Studio, a program that you can download and use for free. It is a guided system where users can build different environments with various building objects of different shapes and colors. There are also some plugins that increase the app creation tools. These creations can be shared to allow other users to use them through the library if they wish.

There is also the ability to program games in the Lua language, compatible with this platform of games, because the creation tool is based on it and looks like a sandbox method like other games similar to Minecraft.

You can download free, although, as is usual, offers integrated purchases to extend some functions. To mature, changing from simple game creation platform to a multiplayer world supported by a fairly well established community, divided between gamer and Aspiring developers, where everyone has fun in a sandbox context studied primarily for a young audience, but not only.

Finally, all the video gamers Friends of the Green robot will experience this interesting Roblox, as the game was released on the play Store after landing on PC, Mac and IOS.

Roblox offers players a powerful tool of creation that allows them to develop real video games, from shooter to RPG, from platform to racing games, in short, everyone can give vent to their imagination thanks to the editor included In the content offer.

For those who want to be simply a gamer, can play directly to the titles created by other users, collecting Robux, the currency expendable to buy personalization items. To add to this is the cross-platform, which will allow the player to live the experience with friends regardless of the platform used.

Roblox has the cards in order to break even on Android, also because the entire game can be downloaded for free from the play Store. However, the formula is supported by in-app purchase, useful to buy exclusive items. Curious? The download badge is below.

Top Alternatives to Samsung SideSync

Samsung SideSync is a popular screen duplication application designed for Samsung smartphones. It allows users to share the screen of their mobile phone on their computer and to use the apps downloaded to their Android device. However, some Samsung users have complained that it is rather difficult to connect your device to your computer and control your mobile phone from your PC. For this reason, more and more people are looking for alternatives to Samsung SideSync. Read on to know the best three applications you can replace it with.

Three wonderful alternatives to Samsung SideSync


Among the best alternatives to Samsung SideSync, there is definitely ApowerMirror. The Aplications desktop provides both the screen duplication feature and the control of your mobile phone from your computer. It does not require any root access. All you need is a USB cable or a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Once you have installed the software on Windows or MAC, connect your Samsung to your computer with this program. Your phone’s screen will be duplicated immediately on your computer screen.

Represents one of the best alternatives to SideSync alternatives, as it allows you to use any game or application downloaded on your mobile phone, on a larger screen. Allows you to fully control the device with mouse and keyboard and to receive notifications directly on your computer.


Another of the best alternatives to Samsung SideSync is Mobizen. This popular screen recorder now also provides the screen duplication feature. With this app you can connect your Samsung to your computer with a lightning cable or WiFi.

To use the desktop version you have to download the Android app from Google Play. Register a Mobizen account and log in from your computer to connect your Samsung and your computer. You can use the Web version by logging in directly from their website.

It has a free version, but for duplication and full screen recording you have to buy the pro version.


Does your Samsung SideSync not work? Another good alternative is Vysor. Allows you to view any Android on your browser. It also allows you to control your phone from the PC at once.

Download the app on your Samsung, add Vysor to Chrome and open it on your mobile and computer. Plug in the USB cable, choose the name of your mobile phone on your computer.

Unfortunately the quality is not always stable, even when you use the USB cable. Vysor provides other paid services such as screen duplication, file drag and drop function, and wireless connection.


In This article we presented the best alternatives to Samsung SideSync. If you prefer to duplicate the screen of your mobile phone using a Web service, the best solution is Mobizen or Vysor. If you prefer a desktop solution without a network, ApowerMirror is the best alternative.

One last trick! Whichever program you choose to use, remember to enable USB debugging on your mobile phone when you connect your Android device to your PC via USB cable. Also remember that these three applications work with any Android device and not just with Samsung.

Finish the New Apps Icons on the Main Screen of the Oreo

The Play Store is the center of Android and where users go in search of the applications they need and want to use. Google gives them some support, notably in accessing these new applications.

This support is, according to many, intrusive and unnecessary. So today we will explain how to disable the creation of new apps icons on the main screen of the Android Oreo.

Play Store Android Oreo

This feature has been on Android for many years. Whenever a new app is installed, a new icon is added to the Android’s main screen, thus allowing direct access to it without having to access the list of applications.

Of course not all users want this behavior and therefore Google gives them the possibility to turn off this function. The way to make this configuration changed with the arrival of the Android Oreo and now it is simpler.

Turn off the creation of new icons on the main screen of the Android Oreo

In previous versions of Android, this functionality was controlled within the Play Store, in a specific configuration zone, but with the Android Oreo this is different, having passed to the configuration of the screen itself.

To access this area, you can do it in two ways. The first is with the continuous load on the screen until the access zone appears and the second is with the pinch (2 fingers from the extremes to the center) on the screen, which will reveal the desired zone.

Android Oreo

The next step is the choice of the settings option, which will give you access to the control of all the features on the main screen.

The option you are looking for and want to change is to add icon to the main screen. This will be active and must be turned off.

Android Oreo

Immediately, the option is assumed and the icons of new apps will not be placed on the right screen, keeping the screen cleaner.

It is also important to remember that the previous apps will keep their icons on the screen until the user permanently eliminates them.

Use even better the Play Store on your Android

Want to pay with the fingerprint on the Play Store of Android?

The introduction of biometric authentication systems brought to mobile operating systems a higher degree of security and at the same time a simplification of their use.

Google already has this option on Android and extended it to its app store. See how you can now authorize the purchase of an application with a simple finger touch.

The latest version of Android has brought a range of new options associated with fingerprint authentication. There are still not many devices that can make use of this functionality in all its capacity, but the latest Nexus are ready.

There are several possibilities and one of them is the payment authorization with the simple touch on the biometric sensor. Do you already have this feature active? If you don’t have it, see how you can get it.
How to authorize purchases with the fingerprint reader

Since this is an option associated with the Play Store, we have to access this application so that we can make a small change in the settings.

In the Search box, click on the three horizontal lines and scroll down to the settings.

You must then go back down the list of options and find the one that indicates authentication by fingerprint. Put this option on.

You will immediately be shown a box where you must place the password associated with your Google account, which will be forwarded to used whenever you place your finger on the sensor to authorize a purchase.